The Many Styles of The Cottage Door Interiors

by Sally McFalls on June 15, 2011

I have always gravitated towards the traditional, the familiar, and whatever charms me. I had and still have a penchant for sundrenched colors, yet I have gained more appreciation for a softer palette as I have aged. I believe in perfectly planned and practical floor plans that never look too contrived.

I love old, worn, washed woods, the softness of pine and the natural elements of stone and iron. I love painted pieces and beautiful fabrics masterfully blended with multiple prints and textures. I love toiles, bold oil paintings, Aubusson rugs and pillows. I love curvaceous lines and intricate carvings typical of the later “Baroque” period. Yet I have a deep appreciation and love for the earlier primitive furniture made by country craftsmen.

I love the blending of old and new, such as the unlikely pairing of a farmhouse table with Chippendale chairs. I like an unexpected flirty skirt on a formal chair. I also believe the devil is in the detail. As the final note to any room, your signature is needed. The added family photos, special collections and treasured bobbles should be the exclamation point to any room.


So, just as Julie Andrews sang in The Sound of Music, “These Are a Few of My Favorite Things,” so too these are just a few of mine. This litany briefly describes my personal style and how I would approach a design project given few restrictions.

My passion for French Country design has grown and evolved over my career. Although it was not a conscientious decision, it is the style I have innately been called to follow and that I am most recognized for. It is a style that has been influenced by many regions and hundreds of years. It can be formed yet unpretentious, sophisticated yet charming, bright and bold or soft and soothing. It defines eclectic and defies boundaries. It is rich in history and forever classic.

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