How The Cottage Door Interiors came to be

by Sally McFalls on February 22, 2011

I am an Interior Designer who has been designing homes in Knoxville since relocating here almost 30 years ago, at the time when my youngest of three children set out for school. After briefly working from my home, I went to work for a local retail furniture store to start-up their design department. Within several years I was back on my own again. I met and worked with clients in a crowded home office.

My home was a good example of the style I personally loved. My house became my showroom. And often times, clients wanted to replicate the look and design I had created in my own home.

This time period when I was operating out of my own home was definitely the most difficult and time-consuming period of my career. I remained frustrated by the limited selection of home furnishings and accessories Knoxville had to offer.  Even at market my options were limited due to minimums ordering requirements.  And eventually these daily hurdles I encountered created the driving force for me to establish my own store. In the fall of 1998, “The Cottage Door Interiors” was opened.  And this past October, we happily celebrated our twelve-year anniversary!

The store’s name is a direct reflection of my design philosophies and tastes.  I truly believe that whether you live in a country bungalow or in a grand estate, home should be your “happy place.”  It should invite you in, warm your heart, comfort your soul, and wrap you with a sense of well-being. It should give you rest and peace. And it should definitely put a smile on your face.

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