When you enter The Cottage Door Interiors showroom, you will be captivated by its charm and inspired by the vast selection of home furnishings and accessories. We strive to represent multiple design styles while ultimately staying true to our French country and cottage roots. So whether you are strictly traditional, lean toward modern elegance, are seeking help with your entire home, or simply looking for that perfect piece, we promise you will love what you find when you open the cottage door.

As the owner and lead designer of The Cottage Door Interiors, it is always the goal of Sally McFalls and that of her entire staff to bring the most distinctive home furnishings and designs to her customers, as well as the best possible customer service. As you meet our design team, you will find that each of us is passionate to find the perfect design solutions for you, no matter what your goals, taste, or budget. All of the firm’s designers are influenced by their own style, yet each approaches every job with exceptional care to the client’s “dreams of home.” Understanding the space’s functionality and the client’s personality are key components to any design concept. Good design is always about blending and refining without compromising the integrity of the project.

Sally McFalls

Sally is recognized as one of the premier designers in Knoxville. As the owner and primary designer of The Cottage Door Interiors she has been transforming homes in the area for over 30 years. Sally’s innate talent for interior design drew attention from friends and acquaintances alike which eventually led her back into the classroom and onto a new career path.

Soon she was heading up the design department for a local furniture store. While successfully creating beautiful environments for her many clients, the dream of having her own business was emerging. After years of hard work and thousands of projects, Sally opened The Cottage Door Interiors in 1998.

Sally has developed a reputation for an uncanny sense of color, balance, and harmony. Her creations inspire feelings of happiness, warmth, and comfort. Her dedication to detail is what distinguishes her work from all others. Quality and perfection are key formulas to her projects. Her personal love is French and English Country, yet she is able to utilize her unique creative talents for any style. She is quick to remind her customers that it is her job to interpret their personal taste and desires and translate them into beautiful surroundings. The accolades and recognition she has received over the years is a testament to the services she and her team provide.

Joshua Maniaci

Joshua relocated to Knoxville in the summer of 2008. Originally from Naples, Florida Josh has been fortunate to be exposed to numerous diverse cultures and lifestyles. As a child, an early fascination with paper, mass and space lead him in the direction of Interior Design. Design became the perfect tool to manipulate the tangible and intangible. Josh has a Bachelor’s of Science in Interior Design from East Tennessee State University, finishing among the top of his class.

Josh has been part of The Cottage Door Interiors family since April 2012. While holding the position of Design Assistant/Office Manager, Josh has learned both the creative and organizational skills necessary to manage a design project from its inception to completion.

Josh’s design philosophy is simple he believes that the beginning of any good room design should start with the language it speaks, and it is his job to translate its light, lines, form and its purpose. A room should be warm and inviting as well as livable and functional. A house is just a house but a home tells the story of who you are.

Vanessa Lashlee

Vanessa is our newest assistant designer. She graduated from Tennessee Technological University located in Cookeville, TN in 2008 with a degree in Merchandising and Design and a minor in Marketing. She lives here in Knoxville with her husband and daughter. Prior to working here at Cottage Door she would often do freelance design jobs for friends and acquaintances.

Vanessa’s design style is drawn towards a collection of genres or design eras. Her passion is found in blending together modern and traditional designs which takes classic furniture pieces and mixes in contemporary materials to soften the formal details. Her aesthetic focuses on color and symmetrical room layouts. While she draws from the Neoclassical and Georgian periods of the 1700’s and 1800’s she softens the finished product to make a warm and inviting space.